Answers for Common Resume Questions

December 12th, 2011 by | Posted under Resume Tips.

Answers for Common Resume Questions

You must have faced some common questions, while you think about preparing a resume for yourself. It is quiet common that everybody faces such situation. It is not that easy to say yourself in stylish and attractive ways resume speaks every thing about you. Here are some common questions for your read that you may have looking for answers to prepare an attractive resume.

1. Can the middle initial be used in the resume? People who have common last names can use their middle initial in the resume. The candidates can search some online social site to see how many people share their common name. If many people with the same last name live in their area they can use their middle initial to differentiate themselves.

2. Can the qualification be written after the name? Some people have the habit of writing their title after their name when sending emails. Writing the same way in resume may base on what job is being applied for. For example candidates who are applying for a Project manager’s post can write their PMP qualification if they have one after their name.

3. Should online portfolio links be given in the resume? It is a good idea to include hyperlinks for online portfolios to provide the hiring manager with more information. Links given to some social site profiles will help the hiring managers to see the recommendations of the candidates. Candidates who have worked on projects like technology, designing etc fields, they can give links to former projects for the hiring manager to go through them.

4. Is it compulsory to mention home and mobile phone in the resume? There is nothing wrong in providing home and mobile numbers in the resume and it well make it easy for the employers to give information If the numbers are not included in the resume, one can mention them in the cover letter.

Finally it is the individual’s interest to include whatever information they want to write in the resume. Only thing to be considered is how the provided information will be helpful for getting the job.