Behaving well In the Office | Tips to practice good office behavior

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Behaving well In the Office | Tips to practice good office behavior

When one has to move in social circle, certain rules have to be followed and office is not an exception Even when the job does not require dealing with the public, certain guidelines are to be followed. Here are few tips to practice good office behaviour.

One should take care of their appearance when in office. Do not go to the office with a wrinkled shirt, without combing the hair or without cutting the nails. The employee who comes to the office well groomed will be given a chance to represent the company in meetings or business trips.

Keep the office desk clear and clean If it is messy, there will be difficulty in finding out the required things No business associate likes to waste his time at the desk of a person who is trying to locate a missing thing on his messy desk.
Be punctual to office If it is getting late to leave the house on time, try getting up early in the morning. If an employee is getting late for the business meetings due to unavoidable situations he should call the concerned persons and explain the situation to them. It is not advisable to make a client wait for the employee of the organization.

Making a good first impression in the office is very important. Employees should greet the clients and other people properly when meeting them for the first time. Eye contact should be maintained and a hand shake which is firm should be practiced.

It is a good practice to switch off the cell phone during working hours and personal phone calls should also be avoided as much as possible. It is indecent to talk while keeping food in the mouth or using offensive language. Do not talk loud so that every other person in the office could hear the conversation.

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