How to Write a Resume | Tips to prepare best CV for a good Job

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Resume is a document that highlights the eligibilities of a candidate’s educational as well as technical qualifications and also his work experience. Given here are few tips to prepare an effective resume.
· The job seeker should first understand what his interest and skills are before preparing the resume.
· Resume should be brief and clear. It should not exceed two pages.
The below information should be included in the resume
· Personal information
· Career goal
· Skills
· Educational qualifications
· Previous work experience
· Hobbies/interests
· Reference
Personal information in Resume
· Name of the candidate should be clearly written
· Write the address clearly
· Phone numbers for providing information should be written in the resume
Career goals
Try to write the career goal briefly. The employer can understand what type of job the candidate is seeking. There should be some link between the career goal and the job applied for.
Academic qualifications
Mention all the courses studied starting with the recent one. Name of the course, year studied, name of the institution, city or town and the subjects in the course should be mentioned clearly. List the certificate or diploma courses also that may relate to the job presently applied for.
Work experience
Mention the details of previous work experience. The organization name, duration, job position etc details should be given clearly.
Additional information
In this section, the job seeker should try to include information about the additional skills he is having like languages known and software programs done etc. Include all the information seeing which the employer can feel that this is the right person they are looking for.
Extracurricular activities
Mention the hobbies, interests that can explain the personality. All the awards and prizes received should be mentioned.
A reference is a person the employer contacts to verify or talk about the details mentioned in the resume. Before giving the names for reference, take the permission of the particular person. The names, contact numbers and addresses of the references should be given clearly.
Resume should not
· be untidy.
· have grammatical or spelling mistakes.
· be too lengthy.
· be written on a color paper.
· have the photograph of the candidates.
· look like a Xerox copy.
· have the qualifications and skills mentioned but no certificates are attached to prove it.
Finally while applying for a job, the job seeker should attack a covering letter along with the resume.

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